Sunday, September 7, 2014

Super Summer!

I spent most of the summer "teaching" summer camps at my school. I use the word" teaching" loosely as I had as much fun as the kids! The science teacher and I did several one week camps together. Our first one was a Make it Take it  - a creative invent your own project thing. Let me just say that lots of duct tape was involved it that one! We even may have done a few Rube Goldberg contraptions.

Then there was Myth Busters Camp. We either confirmed or busted a bunch of myths like can you really use toilet paper to break out of jail?
Uh, nope! But it was fun trying! The old egg drop was a favorite too.
There really is an egg in that thing he's holding! The next camp was Critter Camp - my personal favorite. We had birds of prey day, insects and worms day, rescue animal day, and reptile day.

Here's my favorite: I had never seen a flying squirrel up close and personal. Sable is her name and her two back legs were paralyzed. She lives at our local Wildlife Center.
Here is Miss Slither - a beautifully patterned corn snake - I stood on a chair to get this shot - I was NOT getting any closer!!! And yes, she is eating a frozen mouse!!! All the kids thought it was the coolest thing they had ever seen. I guess it really was- where else would they ever get to experience that?
Moving on! We did get to go to the beach for a week this summer for some get down R&R time. I must have read 10 books! Love, love. We also got to see this scene every morning. I do love me some beach time.

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