Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting Ready!

I love the thrill, and yes, even the pressure of getting ready for a new school year. Here are a few pics of my classroom right before students come. 
These are our 4 code of conduct rules. I also have clocks showing times across the world just so we are more globally aware.

I have a really small whiteboard so it looks really crowded but it works for us. We are changing our handwriting program to Handwriting Without Tears hence the new alphabet. We will change it to the cursive one in January.

Our cubbies with book boxes, notebooks, and writing tubs
Door pockets (really a shoe bag) for homework and notes home
Here is a shot of our room library - my favorite spot!
My hubs made this cool magazine rack for me:)
Computer corner
Future iPad station- we are going one to one this year. Saw this storage idea on, where else, Pintrest!
Welcome class:)
A shot across the room
Another angle
Nature trays and puzzle table
That about covers it. Next post will have my precious class!

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