Monday, October 14, 2013

Space, Space and more Space

Everybody has been loving our Space Unit. We finished up learning about the Sun with this little project. We painted paper plates then researched and wrote sun facts to make this sun which are hanging from our ceiling and on our windows.
We explored rotation and revolution using the globe and a beach ball! Next, we demonstrated day and night with the flashlight and globe. This is an assessment to show knowledge of day and night.
We are just beginning planets and learning the order with My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos! Here is a craftivity we did to reinforce this.
Last week we went on the most fantastic field trip. We have a Challenger Learning Center right here in Columbia! Who knew?? Now we do and it will be on our list to do again next year. We learned that there are 43 of these centers across the country built in honor of the astronauts on the Challenger. Boy, do I remember the exact time and place when it exploded! We were having a snow day work day at my school in NC. I remember all of us teachers gathering in the library to watch the horrific event. My class got to experience a Mission Control room and learned about the animals that have gone into space. We also saw a mini Imax type movie in an e-planetarium which was way cool. The best part was getting to experience flying an airplane on a flight simulator. Check it out:

We are currently working on recycled alien projects and researching planets to make acrostic poems. I'll post about those soon. Come back tomorrow for some math and social studies:)

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  1. Your space unit looks so fun! Wish I taught it. I remember learning it in school and it was one of my favorites!!
    A Tall Drink of Water