Monday, October 21, 2013

Multiplication, Boggle and Ipads oh my!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! That's how we started our multiplication unit.  Students earn a scoop for each table mastered. When the whole class gets all twelve tables completed we'll have an ice cream sundae party!

We take a table a week with the assessment on Friday. Some students are at comfort level with this approach. Other students are ready to move forward so they can! That's the beauty of this approach. The coolest thing is that everyone encourages everyone else no matter which table they are on. 

It's fun for everyone to see the scoops grow until that final whipped cream and cherry on top appear. I love the way the students that are ahead help those that may be struggling. Win -Win!! (The pumpkins above are a little glyph craftivity we did last week.)

I had this up on the wall the whole month of September to garner curiosity.  It's also mind boggling to introduce too much too soon even though teachers have SO many great ideas. 

I revealed our Boggle Board this month! What fun my students have had making words. They beg for time to work on Boggle.  Whoo- hoo! 

We are SO happy to have 10 ipads to share in our class. Here is an idea I saw on Pinterest and loved it so I'm sharing it. What a perfect storage unit for the ipads! The chargers fit perfectly and there is a slot for each ipad - and room for more if we should be so lucky! I have 2 students who are in charge of the ipads. They wrote the rules of use and will charging them when needed. I numbered each ipad using the app Pic Collage (with pictures of South Carolina) and setting it as the wallpaper. Each student is assigned an ipad (yes, some  have to share) so they can keep their work and pictures. More on how we are using them on a future post:)

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